We elevate holistic, nurturing, and sustainable practices to promote physical and emotional well-being.

At La victoria healing kitchen we exchange ideas, build understanding, actively collaborate, discover the beauty around us, celebrate diversity, and let laughter thrive. Through a unique mixture of culinary & restorative services, we create experiences that elevate ourselves and our community.


Supporting chefs, makers & bakers who craft products that promote health & wellness while seeking to uplift community well-being

La victoria healing kitchen has:

  • An instructional kitchen to host classes, workshops, community & private events
  • A shared kitchen full of commercial-grade equipment to meet your food service business needs. The shared kitchen will have four semi-private prep & cooking areas, storage, and specialty equipment. We will also have the ability to support food truck operators with designated parking and utility connections.
  • A development services office. Providing mentorship, support, and professional services specifically tailored to the restaurant and foodservice industries.

Instructional Kitchen

A space where gathering and nourishment happen in various ways, fostering an environment that helps us slow down, listen and reconnect.

We elevate healing and health by bringing different cultures and traditions together, cultivating an exchange of learning and understanding that extends beyond the topic at hand.

Restaurant / Food & Bev Development Services

The restaurant & foodservice industry is full of people with passion, determination, and compassion. They consistently take challenges head-on, finding new, better ways to thrive – while remaining in service to others.

We love working with these people.

In our development services space, we have a simple focus – to make it easier for these people to establish, grow and expand their businesses.

Shared Kitchen

A collaborative environment where food service businesses with shared interests and values learn and thrive.

We elevate healing and health by encouraging and supporting the growth of small, women and minority-owned businesses.

Our shared commercial kitchen is created especially for chefs, makers & bakers whose products advance nutritional & holistic health while uplifting community well-being.

La Victoria Healing Kitchen

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(720) 477-0041

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